Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Team LoveHATE invades BLOX OH 2012

Blox Open House is an annual event held on the property of Blox Racing in Fremont, CA. It was our first time out and we rolled out 11 deep.

We haven't really showed in Fremont so this was a good opportunity to share the love. We made a few stops along the way to pick up team members and even had a police escort briefly down the freeway.

We arrived to hundreds of cars all rolling in. Alot of the stanced stuff NorCal is known for. Once we were parked and set we all began clean off the bugs from the 2 hour drive up. There were alot of vendors out there setting up as well, we saw one of our sponsors, ProjectRIDE, and had to stop by and say hi. They are amazing!!!

As the day when on the place got super packed and we enjoyed ourselve and the amazing food.

When trophy time came we started folding up the tent and cleaning up our area as well listened to the catagories being announced. All of a sudden, we heatd then call out, "... and best Toyota goes to Clark Geurts with Team LoveHATE!!!" We all kind of froze and started cheering for our FNG.
 Thanks all for checking us out!!! Full albums of the event are here.

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