Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rent a Lift’s Dyno Day with Team LoveHATE

After our Filipino Fiesta Charity Carshow, the team pushed on to the next weekend of events.  This was Dyno Days Day 1 held by Rent-A-Lift in Rancho Cordova.  The team rolled out from Club Condesa around 8:30am.  We continued our routine and stopped off to grab a quick bite to eat at Carl’s Jr. for breakfast and headed straight to the show.

When we arrived the air was cool, the sun was bright and there were a couple TLH cars already there and set up.  As the rest of us rolled in and set up, the street became lined up with anything from Integra’s to 240SX’s.  As we peered over to the sidewalk, Big Brit from SlidinSexy was working on replacing the fuel pump on her car.  She paid no mind to the rest of the cars zooming by and parking everywhere. 

After a few hours Tang, the owner of Rent A Lift, brought out hot dogs, hamburgers, buns and all of the fixing’s for a great BBQ!  Matt from TLH began barbequing and everyone enjoyed the food!  Throughout the day people showed up and admired the vehicles. At one point, tires began screeching, smoke began flying and all you could smell is burning rubber and everyone started heading over to where the sounds we coming from. 

In the back of Rent A Lift, there is a decent sized parking area.  The ladies from SlidinSexy began tearing up the concrete and put their cars to work!  Angel in her 240 began tandem drifting with SicBoi in his 350Z.  It was awesome to see the rubber burning and the dirt flying. 

The day continued with spectators enjoying the random rifting and donuts in the back, the slough of cars in the front and the BBQ going on in front of the shop. 

The next event was a burnout contest. 

There were only a couple of competitors and one of them was TLH’s very own Steve Crain with his 2006 Ford Mustang GT.  30 minutes before the competition Steve changed his back tires in preparation for the competition.  The announcement was made and Steve took his car to the back for the burnout contest.  The look of excitement and anticipation on his face was priceless!  It reminded me of a kid seeing Disney Land for the first time…Epic!  Everyone gathered at a seemingly safe distance until he started.  The smoke bellowed from his back tires and everyone got a nice waft of burning rubber.  The sound echoed from the back parking lot through the streets, his SRS Tuning exhaust screaming.  People gathered all around his car taking pictures and were in amazement at how the car was handling the burnout.  After about 6 minutes the competition was over, not because Steve wanted to stop but because the tires looked like they were going to catch on fire! 

 As the smoke cleared everyone gathered around the back of to see if there was any tire left on the rims.  The rubber on the ground was smoking, sizzling and crackling!  The rubber was washed away and Steve drove off to put his original tires back on his car.   

With the streets empty and the area looking nearly abandoned, SlidinSexy’s Angel and Big Brit took to the streets in their 240’s.  Once the ladies got in their cars they went to town!  They went from one sidestreet, drifting onto the street, manjied down the street and into another side street! It was amazing to see the amount of skill these ladies have when it comes to their cars! The look of calm, collectiveness and excitement on their faces while they were manji-ing down the street shows the amount of talent these ladies possess.   

The day was coming to an end. The sound of Journey’s, “Don’t Stop Believing” was echoing through our minds telling us it was time to go home but then again I think the Rancho PD also played a large role in this feeling.  With the excitement that consumed the day, the cops became privy to it and began patrolling the streets around the area.  Even one of our own team members got pulled over and harassed for almost a half an hour!  They proceeded to hand out parking tickets to everyone who was parked along the street.  Tang did everything he could to stop it but ultimately could do nothing.  He did however tell everyone who received a ticket he would pay the ticket and not to worry!!!

Overall this day was filled with great weather, burning rubber, amazing food and magnificent drifting/manji-ing.  TLH had a magnificent time and remember anytime you need a lift for that DIY or need a Dyno before the big race, stop by Rent-A-Lift. Thanks Tang and team for having us out.
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