How to join Team LoveHATE

Wanna be a part of TeamLoveHATE?

This is what you do.
1. Email us four photos of your car. 3/4 front, interior, engine bay, and 3/4 rear.
2. List of modifications.
3. Brief description of who you are or link to your facebook.
4. Why you want to join.

Rules & Standards

1.  Team LoveHATE membership is open to all imports, domestic, european cars and bikes. All vehicles considered for membership must have at least 3 modifications to be accepted.

2.  All vehicles are expected to be clean and maintained up to the vehicle’s maximum potential.
Remember wherever you go you are representing Team LoveHATE and the team’s reputation.

3.  Mandatory monthly meetings are to be held once a month starting at 7pm location to be announced. Future meeting location and times will be determined at monthly meetings. Meetings will consist of team business and any other topics that are deemed necessary for Team LoveHATE to function as usual.

4.  In addition to mandatory monthly meetings each member shall be required to enter 2 events a
 year and attend at least 4 club functions (install meets, cruises, cookouts ect…) during the year. When at car shows you are encouraged to help members setup for the show when you are not entering the show. Team participation for shows is highly encouraged as it plays a major role in the clubs appearance and reputation. If you are in our sponsorship program, You will be required to appear at any events you are selected for, for one year from the start of yor sponsorship program. Some artists and their companies my ask that you show your vehicle if their artists artwork is on your car or they have a booth/open spot. 

5.  Team events and social gatherings shall be selected and scheduled by the Board of Directors. All team events/outings and social gatherings will be open to all spouses, girlfriends/boyfriends and families. All team members and their guests are expected to act in an appropriate manner at all times when representing Team LoveHATE at all team functions/events.

6.  In the event that the President and Vice President or Co-Vice President cannot attend the same club event, an “Acting” President will be appointed in advance.  

7.  When applying to become a member you are required to undergo a 90-day probationary period. This will give current members time to assess the individual’s dedication, personality and vehicle. All probationary members are required to attend all meetings and club functions during the probation period. It is important that we uphold this rule to get to know the prospective member. Following the probationary period, officers  will conduct a formal vote to be held during a mandatory monthly meeting.  Upon acceptance, Rules # 3 and 4 shall be followed as well as the badging of your visor and rear window.

8.  As a member you will be required to pay monthly dues that will contribute to such things as team website, web space, clothing, food at events, decals, and functions/events held by the team. Monthly dues are non-refundable. Team membership will entitle you eligibility for team discounts, decals, website space for pictures, and possible sponsorship where available. Members who are over 90 days past due on dues are ineligible to receive ANY team benefits.

9. Members vehicles shall be legally registered, fully insured and in safe running condition, proof required.

10. All Club members are required to abide by State, County and City Motor Vehicle rules and regulations. Abuse of this rule by a member is subject to their membership reevaluation.

11. No member will have possession of alcohol, drugs, firearms or any illegal items at team functions.

12. No member should use profane language, gestures, insults or misbehavior towards any team member, or during any club function or gathering.

13.  Termination of membership will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Should a member be
terminated, they must remove any association with Team LoveHATE on their vehicle, e-mail and forum signatures, or websites if applicable.

Team LoveHATE Code of Conduct.

Like all clubs. Team LoveHATE members must adhere to a code of conduct. While we are not out to police, a basic foundation MUST be followed. This keeps a good standing image among the general public. A simple thing to keep in mind is, Once a club has gotten a reputation for having unruly members, it is virtually impossible to rid it's self of that. This drags the entire club and its members down, Which could and in most cases would result in loss of sponsorship, membership and lead to a down fall of the club. These simple rules are not flexible nor is the committee on them! If you break them your membership could be terminated.The following are strictly prohibited!
These rules are generally reserved for club events, and may also apply if caught by either a Executive member or fellow member if done outside a club event and is a serious offense.

1. Fighting ( physically or verbally ) with a fellow member or anyone else during events.

2. Dangerous, reckless driving during a club event, on public roads, parking lots, or fields. Keep it cool and to a race track ! This includes excessive speeding, burnouts (unless specified event), donuts, ect.

3. Engaging in a verbal argument with a sponsor. A committee member will handle any sponsor problems.

4. Stealing, damaging someone's property, vandalism. Destruction of private property etc.

5 Extremely rude public behavior.

6. Illegal substance usage or sales.

7. Letting anyone using the team name to receive discounts at club sponsors.

8. Altering or making a copy of your Membership ID card. We will reissue lost or stolen cards.

9. Discrimination of other team members or belittling them. (Remember not everyone can either afford or wishes to upgrade or dress up their cars the same as you).

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