Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Team LoveHATE takes home at SacShowoff

Written by Jazel Gonzalez / Photography by Munpreet Randhawa

Hey peeps. Still playing catchup on these articles so this will be short and sweet and filled with pictures instead.

We rolled out to a great local event hosted by the Fong Brothers, Brian and Edmond. Awesome guys.

Besides all the beautiful cars, great vendors and bitchin stage the one thing that stood out to me was the fact it was HOTTT!!!

I remember the temperature being over 100 degrees  and the tarmac was insane.

With the heat pounding down upon us all, our tent did little to help the oppresivemness of the day.

We were displayed next to our local sponsor, SR*S Tuing and right across from our good friends, Wendy Snapbacks and their hot models. Rawr.

The show was very chill and the sounds of the cars constantly flying down the 1/4 mile and the steady thrum of the DJ playing on stage kept our ears busy as we focused on not melting.

As the event came to an end we started packing up when the awards ceremonies began. Three of our members took home much to our surprise.

Congratulations Clark for taking home the Toyota award, Aaron for taking home the Mazda class and Jazel for the Infiniti class!!! Thank you for having us and we can't wait till next year.

Here's the links to the albums on facebook.

Next up RideFest at UTI.

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