Thursday, March 8, 2012

Team LoveHATE x FMAA eWaste Benefit

Saturday the 10th we came out to help support our friends over at the Filipino Martial Arts Academy promote their eWaste benefit at their school in Natomas, California. The weather was pretty nice that day when we rolled in and a huge container was full of electronics all to help the non-profit organization, Eskrimador Samahan, an organization that helps kids learn the Filipino style of martial arts. The money raised will go toward the school and allow them to buy supplies and equipment needed to keep the school running.

We believe that fulfilling the needs of our youth in anyway to help them better themselves and build solid morals and sense of responsibility which will prepare them for big life decisions in the future is worth our time. 

The smell of BBQ and food set the tone for a nice relaxing afternoon. We backed up the G35 partially into the school and popped the trunk and fired up the Kinect sponsored and installed by Al & Ed's Autosound E. Pasadena for the kids to play Fruit Ninja. We enjoyed some throwing around the football, playing basketball and the company of our friends. I hope that we can come out again for their next event and share another afternoon while helping raise money for the school. Here are some pictures from the event and if you are interested in having you child or even you in learning Eskrima and you live in the area click here.

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