Thursday, March 8, 2012

Team LoveHATE invades Monster Jam

We rolled out of Sacramento heading toward Oakland CA around 9am. This was our first MonsterJam and boy, were we in for a surprise! First off, we want to thank Lee Ho for setting this event up and Kris Boeson for taking care of us while we were there!!!

After we arrived we walked up to get our wristbands. You could feel that something was in the air and this event was going to be interesting. It took us a while to get staged into our final spot, but once we made it was time to start cleaning the rides. 

Pretty much the whole day was super windy. We had plenty of time to get the cars all cleaned up and badged for the event. I was really cool to watch everything behind the scenes before a show of this magnitude.  From staffing running around everywhere to that giant metal T Rex’s spewing fire tests. Being able to run around and get autographs before the public was awesome! Did I mention it was windy? 
As 3pm came around the gates to the “VIP Pit Party” finally opened up to the general public. Boy oh boy, this was freaking insane. Thousands of people surrounded our cars and a few even tried to climb inside.  We spent the next few hours protecting the cars and erecting a barrier to keep people off the cars but they still climbed over them anyways. -.- I never knew that so many people would be interested in our cars in one of our first truly public events.

We want to say thanks to our newest local sponsor TopSpeed Racing. All in all we hope that we get to do this again when they come back no northern California. On to HIN Pomona!!!
To see the full album of the event click here!!!

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