Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Team LoveHATE's December Charity Run!!!

Written by Tracy Arnett / photography by Munpreet Randhawa

December is our busiest month when it comes to charity. From Toys to Tots to Operation Christmas. We are proud to set our trophies aside and pick up our Santa hats to bring joy to those who don't have it like we do. Every day we take for granted those gifts and blessings we experience with our lives so filled with shows, meets, work, and family. Rarely taking the time to actually stop and reflect on who we are.

Team LoveHATE has made it a point to freeze everything in December. Walk away from the gogo dancers, the smoke machines, industry parties, and our long anime / car show schedule to make time for THE KIDS!!!

Our first charity event actually was right before HIN. It was at Tapioca Express in Natomas and it was put on by Lazandro Sapinoso. The Charity: The Sacramento Children's Home. It was a small meet filled with people with big hearts. During a time when everyone is out shopping, several cars from various groups appeared for a common cause. Every car that came had to pay five dollars to display with the proceeds going to the Children's Home. Big props to all who attended. 
After our return from HIN "The Return", we geared up for MOAR CHARITY!!! SacCon, put on by Dan Houck and his SacAnime Family. Every year he puts on a show at the Scottish Rite Temple and uses the huge Anime fan base to help raise toys for the Marine's Toys for Tots. We spent a few hours there, dropped off some toys, met a few of our favorite cosplayers, and played catchup with a few of our friends who are usually on the road touring. 

 Our next event was "Drawing for the Kids" put on by Jason Dube's SCCG and friends at Empire Comics Vault. The event consisted of many artists coming together to create art and auction off with all the proceeds going to the kids and to receive donated canned goods to raise money for the Children's Receiving Home. We even did a special itasha-mobile for the kids and Charlo dressed up as Santa (he wore sunglasses so no one could see his almond eyes). The event was very successful and they were able to raise 700.00 for the Home.

The next day we headed out to Sacramento's Toys r Us to help Rodney Stanhope, (who camps out there for 3 weeks!!!) raise money for Yellow Ribbon America. We came in full force and DJ RSkee setup his system to help draw attention to the fundraiser. With such a prime location and with Christmas only days away, many onlookers couldn't help but stop by and drop something off to help the kids and families who have loved one fighting the war overseas. While we spend the year enjoying the freedoms we have, we can sometimes forget the soldiers fighting for it. I'm not sure how much they raised during that time but it was a ton of stuff!!! Expect us to be very involved with Rodney this year as we plan the 2st annual Team LoveHATE Holiday Car Show.

Well, that concludes our December charity run. I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. I just want to Say Thank You Rob and all of TLH - It is support of people like your group that inspire my goofy A$$ to live in a shed for 12 straight days for our Troops! Your group represent the pure dedication of our Support of our Troops! I am glad to know you all and that day was totally fun and a serious break from the boredom of living in the shed and never leaving! Looking forward to next year! I move into the shed on Dec. 12, 2012 at 12noon!


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