Friday, February 3, 2012

Team LoveHATE invades HIN The Return 2012

Written by Steve Crain / Photography by Munpreet Randhawa

Hey everybody i'm here to talk about HIN "The Return" on December 3, 2011. The first show that HIN put on since they stopped in 2009 and we were lucky enough to attend thanks to JDM Sport.
The team left early Saturday morning to Los Angeles Convention Center for the show. We arrived there at nine o'clock and parked our cars in fron tof the huge hanger doors and waited to roll in. When we came back to the vehicles after grabbing a bite to eat in checking into the hotel there were 70 other cars parked behind us. Unfortunately HIN had to turn all the other vehicles away because they were only accepting vendor cars at the time.

Once we were finally rolled in, we positioned our cars and waited. JV had to apply two vinyl pieces to two different cars. First we installed the Naruto Vinyl on and JDM Sport's S2K that was located by the JDM sport booth. After we finished we went over to install a  Diablo design on the JDM Sport 370Z that was located in the Rohana Wheels booth. Both pieces took us about two hours to do. After that we went back to detail the cars and got everything ready for the show.

HIN was just the way i remembered it. The environment was very dark, lots of lights, go go dancers, loud music and models models models. DJRSkee spun at the JDM booth. There were tons of people there, smoke machines pumpimg everywhere. HIN wouldn't be HIN without the go-go dancing contest and it seems like HIN didn't skip a beat. Many big company's had their booths. It'sJDMYo, iClique, ViS Racing, Lexani to name a few. We even got a few shots with the JDMSport models and Porn Star Evelyn Lyn.

It was a very long day for us all and we couldn't wait for the award ceremony. We took home Hottest Final Graphic and we celebrated. JDM Sport took home a bunch of trophies in various catagories. All in all the JDM Sport family kicked ass. We also met with the car club from Northern California out of San Jose called Team REV. Lito was a really nice guy and we setup to meet with the rest of his team which would eventually get involved with WekFest.

When we finally rolled all the cars out, it was close to one o'clock in the morning we went back to the hotel and crashed out for the night.  The next morning we hopped in our cars and met up with Lee and Claim from JDM Sport. They took us out to lunch at Denny's. From Denny's we headed on out to JDM Sport, AJP's distributor warehouse in the City of Industry. They gave us a cool tour. It was really nice to see where all the parts come from and all the builds that they had sitting in their warehouse. From there we filled up on gas and headed back to Sacramento. We can't wait to go to the next HIN in Irwindale next month!!!

Here's a link to the rest of the images from the event!!!

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