Saturday, December 10, 2011

Team LoveHATE and it's American Itasha Debut @ SEMA 2011 Day 1

Written by Jazel Gonzalez Photography by Munpreet Randhawa
Hiya all, I know it's been a minute. We have been super busy so there is so much to blog about. I had to break up our SEMA adventure into several parts. I hope you stick with the blog and read our whole story. As you might know, we headed out to Las Vegas to attend SEMA for the first time. Another first was that we were unveiling the Infiniti G35 Panty & Stocking Itasha to the international community. Scary!!! 
Our trip started at 6am in the morning. Once we taped up the old girl, Money, Randel and I were out of Sacramento... It took us like 10 hours to get there, probably because we took tons of stops. 

Once we arrived in Vegas we checked in, grubbed on a 10 dollar buffet at Border Station, came back to the room, napped, showered and checked out. 

Next, went to Hard Rock Cafe and made friends with the valet guys so we could park up front. 

All of Vegas was packed because Tieso just finished performing. We ajdusted our costumes and proceeded to gamble, drink, and party. We finally left Hard Rock at 3am. We all came up on a few bucks from penny so we were feeling good. Next stop, SEMA roll in.

As soon as we parked we raided the Shell gas station next door.  After a burrito, soup and some juice we fell asleep in the car in the first SEMA staging area. 

We woke up 3 hours later to the sounds of cars revving up and a guy knocking on our window. We then all rolled in the the second staging area. Once we were re-positioned, we received our papers and got the "green light" from the SEMA people that the car was eligible to be shown and even got a FREE Mothers care kit and our staging number. 

As soon as everyone finished  wiping down their rides, and the SEMA staff handed out all the paperwork the first group were finally ushered via LVPD to the THIRD staging area. I was sandwiched between two JDMSport SEMA build vehicles. One of them being Lee Ho and his Genesis, the man who made it possible for us to be here in the first place.

They split us up into two rows and we hung out there for about 45 minutes and then we were sent in twos and threes to our final spots. 


I spent most of the day detailing the "Purpie" till she was nice and shiny. I finally wrapped up around 3:30pm. Dude, I was so tired. We tried another dinner buffet at South Point then headed back to the hotel and took a short nap.
After we woke up we got ready and met up with the rest of the team that arrived that day to walk the strip and get publicly faded. Only in Vegas right??? 

That was day one.

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