Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Team LoveHATE x Global Time Attack at Infinion Raceway

Written by Jazel Gonzalez & Photos by Munpreet Randhawa

A week after we arrived back from SEMA we wiped up the cars again and headed out to Sonoma for their Global Time Attack car show at Infinion raceway. When we arrived the weather was cloudy and cold. We were the first cars that arrived. The Infinion staff was a bit unorganized at first and tried to charge us for admission although we registered online. After a bit of waiting we finally got positioned and began our setup. 

Around 10a.m. the skies started to clear and more teams started to roll in. We saw lots of District 10, TNT Autobody, and a few Emperors. They said they had room for 100 cars but it looked pretty full with around sixty. TNT Autobody took home "Best Team".

I enjoyed the variety of cars that appeared. This Datsun with VTEC took home a trophy for "most unique". Sweeet.

As the day went on, we grabbed a bite to eat at their shop and happened to catch the drift demonstration. I wish it would have been longer instead of just a "oh by the way we have drifting..." watching the time attack was cool but from down by the cars you don't see too much.
Team LoveHATE took home "Best Exterior" that day. It's the first time we received a bucket full of cleaning supplies as a trophy. Tons of goodies from Mothers. We're not mad. lol. Well, we want to thank  Fei-Long and Nate for giving us the heads up about the event and the hospitality while we were there. Hope to come back if they do. Overall, it was a great way to spend a day with your family. Here is the link to our Facebook album of the event.

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