Saturday, December 10, 2011

NorCal Showdown

Written by Jazel Gonzalez / Photography by Munpreet Randhawa

Ok, we are going back a couple months on some old coverage but its coverage none the less. We have been dealing with more and more SoCal stuff as of late but let me go write up a car show we did in October. NorCal Showdown. This was a show we were invited to which was held on Florin Rd in Sacramento. There were plenty of the local rides and lots of the local groups and it was headed by Edmond Fong and Midnight I believe. They had a nice stage and great DJ along with a good variety of vendors. A few of our team members even got piercings. 
We didn’t take anything home(a lot of people said the judging was questionable) but we had a good time and DJ RSkee was able to shoot his video for “Let’s Go.” So all in all it was a good time. Here are some pics of the event but you can find all of them here.

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