Thursday, August 18, 2011

AnimeiCon, Central Coast's New Upstart

It's been awhile since I've had a chance to get on here and I have a lot to say. We were invited to come down to this first year and check out the sites. Half the team arrived Thursday night and got to crash out in the condo provided by AnimeIcon a couple of miles from the beautiful Monterey State Beach. After they crashed out, they headed out to the Monterey County Fairgrounds to set up shop for the weekend.
The DJ RSkee and DJ DubDeuce spun music,  met the oh so kind staff lead by Elyjah Mercurio, and drank How ya Bean's "Volcano Drinks" with a TLH twist.  Myself and the other half of the Team didn't arrive till late friday night. We all piled into the condo after grabbing up some groceries and got ready for the weekend ahead of us.  

The convention had a lot potential with their many food vendors and good sized vendors hall. AnimeiCon's plus's were the the amazing staff and welcoming vendors. Although we didn't see tons of people gathered in one place, the fairgrounds huge layout had cosplayers and otaku scattered about. If they do a second year, hopefully they will have a smaller venue to keep everyone together. 

 On the third day we able to setup next to each other and hangout. We held a silent charity auction and raised some money for American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Relief . We took some great photos with the  Funimation guests, Jamie Marchi, Trina Nishimura, and Chris Cassen. Enjoyed some Tako drumming, martial arts demonstrations and various other panels and events. As the convention slowly ended, we were asked to give the guests of honor a sort of escort through Carmel and down Cannary Row. We had a blast!!! Finally we pulled away and took some time to ourselves on the beach and even had a chance to do a mass owling. Too much fun. To see all the pictures Click here for album one and here for album two.

We all agreed that we would attend and participate in AnimeiCon 2.0 next year so keep an eye out for updates from TLH.

Next up on our tour... San Mateo's HyperCon. 

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