Thursday, September 15, 2011

San Mateo Back2Back HyperCon and Extreme AutoFest

During September we traveled two weeks in a row to San Mateo. On our first visit it was to help our friend, Mr. HyperBooster and his 2nd year convention, HyperCon. Here's the rundown!!!

As we arrived Saturday morning we were greeted by an unusually sunny day for the bay and lots of wind. We setup our cars, the DJ's setup their booth inside and we started to fill up the little pool for our goldfish scooping game. We enjoyed the bay area crowd and the cosplay there was amazing. We also ran into several of our friends. Oscar Benjamin, the "everywhere at once" photographer and writer for, Anthony Leano and his bevy of DVD's, Carlyfornia with her always cute attire was selling her wares, and good friend and artist Jason Dube.

We had many people come out and enjoy the games we provided by the goldfish scooping was by far the most popular. All the money from the games went toward Red Cross Japan Tsunami Relief. Mark (Mr. Hyperbooster) also introduced a new type of redemption game that allowed attendees to earn HyperPins throughout the event by purchasing items, playing games, and initiating "challenges" to other attendees in certain areas. I think it was a great way to stimulate the e"Con"emy. We hope to bring more games next year.

Big thanks to some of our affiliates that came out to help provide "color" to the convention.1TenDrift held a drift competition on Saturday. James Solis and his Tricking group "Soulistics" gave an amazing performance which was a mixture of martial arts and dance. Lauren and her band sweet cover band, Kurenai came in at the last minute to totally save the day. And finally, our official DJ's, RSkee and DubDeuce spun lics, did interviews, held panels, and provided PA for the bands.

Overall, good people, great guests, happy vendors and great music make for an memorable event. We would love to come back. TLH highly recommends this con to anyone within driving distance. To view all the images click here. Hope to see you next year!!!

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