Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oto’s Marketplace Winner!!!

Were back from Monterey’s AnimeiCon and we had a blast but we wanted to wrap up something before we begin the next thing.

I’m talking about the Oto’s Marketplace art contest. It took them a month of deciding and even a couple full staff meetings, but Russell Oto and the staff finally made a decision. He kept telling me, “It’s a toughy, I need more time!” After a lot of nagging I finally got Russell to come up with a winner. We announced it at our first annual 1up car show July 16th and he received a 150.00 gift card from Oto’s Marketplace.

His name is Charlie Puengpan, he submitted three pieces of work. Here is the winning image:

We want to thank everyone who participated in the contest. All of your works were amazing.

We will be holding another contest for designs for one of our newest family members, Kuya Longboards.

So stay tuned for a posting of the dimensions for these amazing new-styled boards!

- Posted by Jazel Gonzalez

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