Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sac Anime did for Japan.

As we arrived to SacAnime today we were welcomed by mother nature with an amazing display of HAIL. Our mission today was simple.

Help raise money for Japan.

The same as SacAnime. Although we were raising for American Red Cross Japan relief and Dan was raising for Japan Red Cross relief he was gracious enough to allow us to setup some matsuri-styled festival games, display our cars, and play some music.

The weather didn't detour anyone from appearing in their beautiful cosplays. I was throttled by the good amount of high-spirited fans that continued to arrive throughout the day. I saw a few arrive via taxi cab. We salute you. We ran into a few of our friends as well. Carlyfornia was in her regal cosplay as usual, selling her wares, Oscar Benjamin from was running around with his 10 pound camera covering this special event, Jason Dube and his family, Mr. Hyperbooster himself, Bordin Marsinkul, were doing their thing in the vendors hall.

SacAnime raised over six thousand dollars today toward Japan Red Cross! Our hats off to Dan and his crew . Between our charity shirts, matsuri games and raffle we raised almost $100.00!! All things considered(.50 a game) and with what the weather allowed, we are pleasantly suprised with the outcome. If you didn't get your shirt, we will still be taking orders on our website for a little bit longer. We want to thank all of our sponsors, Japan-Store Zone, Empires Comics, Run Around:Network, Oto's Marketplace, American Red Cross for allowing us to raise funds, and Dan Houck from SacAnime for providing us a place to do it!

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