Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oto's Marketplace Mascot Art Contest

We visited Oto's this past weekend to meet up with Russell Oto, the owner of the marketplace, to talk about the up and coming SacAnime Charity Event Sunday the 15th of May. After wandering around the store for a bit, we went out to look at the cars. Russell mentioned that he was looking for an artist to design a mascot for his market so we said, Alright!!! and we decided to hold an art contest. The prize will be that your design will be all over the place, in their advertising, building (if they go there) and promotional items as well as a $150.00 gift certificate for Oto's Marketplace!!!

Here's a little information about Oto's in case you didn't know...

Oto’s Marketplace is a specialty grocery store specializing in a large selection Japanese and Asian Foods, fresh fish, quality meats, farm fresh produce – brought in by local farmers, homemade bento  lunch boxes and made to order sushi. You can click on the link to check it out.

Here are the rules:
1. The contest will end on June 1st. (that should be plenty of time)
2. He is looking for a mascot that is either a male, female or a fish doing something related to grocery shopping or something the have in their store. 
3. Color would be nice.
4. Incorporate the Team LoveHATE logo into the mascot's image. (Subtle is totally cool) Like a scale on a fish or on the tshirt.
5. If your design is chosen and you are too far to come and use a gift certificate, we will work something out with you!!!

6. Please have fun!!!
All entries must be received by Tuesday May 31st midnight.
Please email all entries to
subject: "Otos Market Art Contest"
Include your name & phone number


  1. With background? No background?

  2. Well is it's the outside of the store. That's cool.

  3. Umm... that didn't answer my question... being outside of the store has nothing to do with whether the image we are drawing is to have a background in it or not.

  4. Is there a dimension requirement for the entry? Also, why does the TLH logo have to be on the mascot (aka- what do you guys have to do with the market itself)?

  5. The dimensions of the art is up to you. Oto asked us if we knew an artist who he could commission for a mascot. I told him yes but let's make it fun and put a contest together. He said ok! Plus the winner of the contest will also become involved with any art type events we do and promoted by us to any of our affiliates looking for good artists... And we ask nothing in return. Ask Adrian Carrington. Our Show Your Soul Winner.


Have at it.