Saturday, May 7, 2011

How YOU can have dinner with Vic Mignogna

Throughout our many journeys with SacAnime we have never been more pleased than to provide the fans with this spoiler. May 15th is a special day which SacAnime is bringing people/fans together to enjoy, games, fun, art, vendors and a special guest while at the same time donating to an awesome cause! This is where the fun beings… Are you ready for this… Vic Mignogna has given himself up!

How you ask? In order to raise money for Japanese Tsunami relief, Vic has donated a private dinner for the 3 of the highest bidders! This will allow you to ask all of the questions and talk with him about anything and everything!

Anime V has also donated a copy of Cowboy Bebop Session 3 signed by the director Shinichiro Watanabe! All monies are donated to charity for Japanese Tsunami relief.

So please come and join us for a good cause and some fun!

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