Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Special Limited Run Urban Otaku x Am Red Cross Tsunami Relief Shirts

Hello poeple, we are proud to announce that for a limited time we are doing a special run of Urban Otaku - "I helped Save Japan!" Tsunami Relief Shirts. All Proceeds will go to American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Relief.The cost of 20.00 includes everything it takes to make it to your doorstep. These are a custom design and print so be patient. Once we receive your order on paypal we will summit the order. On top is a new button for the shirts. Please feel free to click it and help Team LoveHATE save Japan

This limited run will only be sold at SacAnime's Charity Fundraising Event May 15th 2011 and online here. The last orders we can receive will be at 11:59PST May 15th. So get them while they're here!!!

Update! Our recent trip to Oto's Market in Sacramento was great! Russell Oto, the owner agreed to provide candy for prizes at SacAnime, May 15th, this Sunday and Kazu with Run Around:Network will be providing some special items for a "Run Around Raffle" to be held the day of as well. All proceeds from the raffle will be going to the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake & Pacific Relief.

We will also be having a few Matsuri festival style games out by the fountain to raise money thanks to Shipped all the way from Aichi-ken, Japan we will be have a Kingyo-suki pool and katanuki. Sakuramatsuri doesn't even have these games anymore. So bring your skills at let's see who can catch the most fish in one day and know that every time you play you help out Japan!

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