Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ProjectRide Car show for Lung Cancer!

Greetings all! Summer season is beginning which means warm weather, longer days, and yes CAR SHOWS! Team LoveHate's first car show of the year was ProjectRIDE car show put on by Chris Bayton and his crew benefiting Lymphoma/Leukemia in Livermore California on Sunday May 22nd. This car show provided two services. First, we got to show our vehicles for the first time this year, and second most importantly we got to do it for a WONDERFUL cause!
​The morning started off early with our traditional morning meeting at where else but McDonalds. After our filling breakfast we left Sacramento around 8:00 am with the anticipation of cool weather ahead. We had our three original vehicles along with our newest car driven by Carlo De Quiroz; a Lancer wrapped with Jason Dube's, Panda Days panda sporting Filipino pride. The roll out went smooth enjoying the 1 ½ hour drive through Sacramento, Stockton, Tracy, through the mountains, and finally to our destination Livermore!
​The venue was a Kart racing arena called Umigo indoor Kart Racing. Admittedly, it was in the middle of nowhere, but an overall a good size venue with lots of parking. We rolled in around 10:00 am and they gave us a few spaces in order to set up our booth, flags, and banners. When we arrived, we realized we got what we asked for, cool weather! Winds were going strong but the sun was still shinning so it made for an amazing contrast. As we drove through the parking lot it was Lancer city!

Tons, from modified ones, to ones with carriers on the back! It was a beautiful sight. As we set up more cars began showing up from Skylines, to 240 drift cars. As we finished our set up we began taking a look around.
​Umingo Kart Racing was amazing! The venue inside was extremely large, with a good size race track.

Jim is the owner of the venue. He was busy taking care of the event, running around extinguishing fires but he still greeted us with extreme kindness and thanked us for coming out. As we toured the inside of the venue, they had a party room where the b-boy competition would later be held along with the race track and prep room where people get dressed to race!
​As the day progressed, more cars began rolling in. There were loud noises coming from the front of the parking lot. As we looked over, there was Bay Bizness a bike club based out of the Bay area. They had many bikes, tricked out and LOUD! They sure knew how to make an entrance!

The people who attended the car show tended to hang out with each other but were very welcoming. With our unique style of Itasha, many people stopped by to compliment us on our vehicles and get a better feel of who we are and what we do. There were beautiful models walking around the venue and they took pictures will all of our cars! They were amazing. Out of all of them that were there, one took home the prize of the tallest one we have seen. Her name was Jay and she was 6 feet tall but with her heels on she was standing at 6ft 4inches! She was awesome and took pictures with the vehicles which most of the pictures were filled with her legs! She was a good sport along with the rest of the models.

As the day went on, there was also the b-boy competition. Groups spinning on their heads, windmills, and many other tricks which each group and person pulled off beautifully!
​The day came winding down to an end and it was time to give away the awards for the day. While TLH did not take home any trophies we congratulate the two cars which did! The sun was setting and it was time for us to bid adue to Livermore. We couldn't leave however with one last turn of events. As we were getting ready to roll out, a Skyline GTR decided to make a grand exit on a tow truck! It was the icing to the cake of a beautiful day! The day went wonderfully from the roll in all the way to roll out. TLH was able to help raise money for Lung Cancer, and enjoy a great day. A big thanks to Jim and Chris for organizing the event and allowing us to show the cars! As the summer progresses keep an eye out for TLH and all of our upcoming events!


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