Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Team LoveHATE's Anime Con Tour Schedule

Oh yeah. Here is a updated schedule and all you need to know about the conventions we are attending. Hopefully you too can come out and party with the Original Urban Otaku! Check out each one and see what events and our affiliates have in store for you.
Kintoki-Con: We will be helping out our neighbors at the Sacramento Hyatt Regency Downtown and Japan by holding a silent charity auction, sponsoring Capital Root's Hip Hop Dance Competition Shobu Shodown. Loki's Planet's 24-hr gaming lounge, "Cars 2" screening promo and the Filipino Martial Arts Academy Performances.

AnimeiCon: Will will be rolling out to the cool Monterey County Fairgrounds for this amazing event. We will be holding a panel, having an indoor showing and be providing anime/hip-hop mashup music with DJ RSkee.

HyperCon: We will be headed to the San Mateo Fairgrounds for HyperCon. We will be providing Matsuri Festival Games, bringing our Filipino Martial Arts Academy buds for demonstrations all day, DJ RSkee will be MCing and spinning tracks all weekend long. As well as helping hosting Capital Roots Dance Studio's b-boy exhibition. 

Ani-Jam: Then we are off the Fresno for Ani-Jam. We will be showing the rides and holding a dance party during the day featuring DJ RSkee.

SacAnime: Finally to finish the years con scene, it's fitting that we end up where we started it all. Sac Anime. We will be having a special cosplay event and panel with Jason Dube outside and unveiling our newest "Panda Days" Itasha while DJ RSkee spins out by the fountains for a special SacAnime Summer Day Jam.

We hope to see all of our fans and make tons of new one's as we travel all over Cali. Please stop by and say hi!

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