Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All Good Things...

A super big Thank You from Team LoveHATE for everyone who came out to Decepti-Kon Gen1.

This convention was a test for us to see if we could make something new and different in only two months. We had fun and all of the special events went off without a hitch. Team LoveHATE's Charity Car Show and silent auction was able to raise almost $1000.00 towards American Red Cross Tsunami Relief. Big Props to Impartial Auron from Drunk Animation and their army of volunteers, they were the ones running around handing out water for free on Saturday. Without you guys chaos would have ruled the day and for that, TLH thanks YOU.

We also want to apologize to the vendors, special guests and media who were given misinformation prior and during the convention. TLH was also mislead in the same regards. Unfortunately, due to some management issues, TLH Staff and our special event groups have decided that we will no longer be affiliated with Decepti-Kon. We wish them the best in their endeavors.

So if you enjoyed the ever vigilant KAG Klingons, swarthy Sacramento Pirates, dueling with Amtgard's Thorians, hanging out with Drunk Animation, dancing to DJ RSkee, DubDuece, 420Skills, and DJ Kaminari, the unique sights of 1TenDrift RC cars, the NorCal Scion/EuroSunday Charity Carshow , the free promo items, games and free screening passes from, the underground beer pong room, and the wicked styles and forms of the Filipino Martial Arts Academy, keep an eye on TLH because we are not done yet... not by a long shot.

We will be releasing information soon about where and when you can enjoy TLH's first official event as we work on putting on our own convention. A con for Cosplayers, Otakus, Fanboys and various sub cultures whom all share a passion. TLH still believes in riding the cusp of what's new and hasn't been done and will do our best to raise the bar next year.

You heard it here first.

Always Keeping it REAL,


She touched my... itasha video!


  1. Wow...that must have been some break up. Almost everything at the convention had TeamLoveHate's logo or name on it, even the staff shirts.

    And you guys don't think you might have contributed to what happened at Decepti-Kon at all?

  2. Well, all I can say is we, TLH staff DK's business partners mind you, were kept in the dark regarding some very serious financial issues and that's all I can say. If we did drop the ball, I personally believe it was the nightclub (the new management at the red lion inn wouldn't let us throw an outdoor rave). We could have left it open to all ages. Alot of the groups that drank... Did so in their rooms. Lol so next year we will definitely have a Rave open to all.

  3. And you think that you could honestly control a rave outdoors?
    Did you ever think of the noise pollution, the fact that other guests would have liked to hear all of that?
    Not to mention the fact that more booze and drugs would be passed around? Don't be ignorant.
    You say you want a rave open to all, but I think you really should think about that. Before someone seriously gets hurt.

  4. I was at the convention this weekend. the only thing I noticed as being a problem was the lack of a/c and water and I was a little bummed about the lack of a rave. but it was there first convention. I do agree that having a rave outside might get out of hand, better to have one inside. all in all I hope to see this event in the future. I had a great time, as did all my friends.
    p.s. sorry to here about the problems with the management I hope you guys got all that resolved.

  5. I'm saying a controlled indoor Rave i.e. SacAnime. That is a fun time. Of course we wouldn't want people or have people running around with booze and drugs. No alcohol would be sold inside that event. We will have heavy security. My real concern would be being able to distinguish the age groups. I don't want old creepers all over the youngsters...

  6. That would be ignorate and self destructive. Lol. Thank you for that. We don't want any drama at our con. And @ the other anonymous, thank you. We are glad you peeps had a good time. Keep an eye out for Uni-Kon.

  7. The car show was cool, but wasn't it supposed to be an anime con? The LARP guys were cool, so were the RC cars and the djs and pirates. The rest of the people you talk about here, I had no idea who they were they had no panels or tables anywhere and anyway there were no name tags so who were these people anyway?

    It was boring after about 15 minutes. No rave, no masquerade. Me and my friends left early. What will be different about this new con if the first one was so messed up?

    Financial issues? You should be more specific. The dealers and artists lost money that's the financial issue.

  8. Drunk Animation has TLH's back. We look forward to doing future business with Jazzel and his Fantastic Itasha Car club.

    Also, this was a "Japanese and American Culture" convention.
    Id say that adding your name to criticism makes it easier for us to use your advice.

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  11. My crew (Artistic Alliance podcast crew: Freakin' Awesome Podcast!) had a great time. Even though I personally didn't attend majority of the convention, my crew didn't complain. It was a different experience then SacAnime and we recored a bunch of interviews of various people around the con giving their suggestions.

    I'm looking forward to TLH future plans.

  12. I took part in the car show - I wanted to help raise funds for the Red Cross. Decepti-Kon? I let my daughter and son take in the convention. I will admit the convention participants that visited the car show were entertaining and appreciated. I'm looking forward to see what TLH has planned next.

  13. @UASkeeve David Wadley
    TeamLoveHate tries to distance itself from #deceptikon, says they will put on their own show instead:
    20 Apr via TweetDeck

    The jig is up.

    To the first poster: Ah David, you gotta stop your trolling. People know about your past dealings with cons and how you try to swindle money for work that is BS. Give it up already.


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