Monday, April 25, 2011

Loki's Planet invades Sacramento

As I looked over Team LoveHATE's last venture Decepti-Kon a few weeks back, I caught a group of green and blue shirts making there way around the convention. Wherever I went I would catch a glimpse of green out the corner of my eye. I chalked it up to fatigue and kept making my rounds.

The next morning I woke up and was hanging out with some Pirates when I saw the green shirts again. This time I knew that I wasn't tripping and introduced myself. I soon found out that these guys and girls were with Loki's Planet and that they invaded the table. I cocked my head at the site because TLH knows all the groups that were at our convention and... I didn't know these guys. As I shifted my gaze I caught Impartial Aaron from Drunk Animation beaming in the corner and I realized how Loki's peeps found their way into my vendor area. I looked back at them with an approving stare for they had brainwashed their first fan.

I decided then and there I needed to know more.

After a few days TLH met up with Jonathan and Jeff, the generals of the army, and discussed what the hell their plans for world domination were and how we could help them. So here we are a week later and here is dealeeoo peeps:
First on April 30th, THIS SATURDAY. Loki's Planet is putting on a Pre Tournament Art Show10AM to 5PM will be when all you artists can come out, paint, display your portfolio, and display your version of Loki's Planet while you "Watch it Come Alive" before your eyes. From 5PM to 8PM will be the judging. A paltry $5 bucks gets you in the door. They are STILL LOOKING for talent to come out so hurry up because spots are limited. For more information: Please check out Loki'sPlanet here for a direct link to the Art Show entry forms.

Second on their list for world domination is their wicked amazing Call of Duty: Black Ops Tournament held May 5th from 4PM to 8PM. This is something I believe Sacramento's gamers need. A pure, clean, competitive atmosphere that takes these gamers out of their houses and into one place where they can prove the mettle. When bragging rights take a back seat to official titles and winners are MADE. TLH are firm believers of making the masses think and riding the cusp of what's hot and what hasn't been done and that's why we are so hyped about this crew. This isn't your uncles LAN party of old. Loki's Planet promises a sleek venue where the gamers rule and PWNing is a daily fact of life. For some secluded gamers this will be a place to call home and show off their skills. LP will also be implementing to all the attendees a special wristband that will be able to track your score on many of the free games they have available to you. The person with the highest score at the end of the night will win a friggin' prize!!!  Located at #1067 K St in the Downtown Plaza, just a few doors way from the old Hard Rock Cafe and across from LIDS the spot is easy to access. Lightrail is a short walk away and parking isn't bad. Loki's Planet invasion starts HERE. Resistance is futile. So if you think you have what it takes to collect the cool $1000.00 prize or just want to enjoy the 7 foot Wii and velcro wall, come through. Admission is free.

Team LoveHATE will have some great entertainment on hand with the Sacramento Pirates milling around, Filipino Martial Arts Academy performing, and the LARPing Thor's Refuge trying to keep Loki's Planet at bay and the sound of DJ RSkee spinning throughout the tournament this will be the place to be Thursday night. For more information and the signup page for the tournament click here it's $50.00 per team of two which isn't much when your reputation is on the line.

The bottom line is TLH is down for the invasion AND we haven't even talked about Loki's Real World but that's another article.                    So stay tuned... Keep it cool... See you soon.


  1. You know Drunk Animation is there!

  2. totaly going to be there ill bring the fans

  3. Lots of fans? What kind of fans? The kind that blow or they kind that breathe?


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