Thursday, October 28, 2010

Giants fair-weather fans

I’m not a huge baseball guy even though I played nine years, but, I can’t help but get caught up in the World Series this year because wherever you go here in Sacramento people are wearing San Francisco Giants gear. I have a few thrashed Giants hats that I’ve owned forever that I still rock to this day because I’ve always liked the Giants over the A’s. I guess my short blog today goes out to all the people who just bought that new jacket or just bought that new Giants hat because now it matters. Because now their doing something and we have to take notice, we have to be part of something bigger. What happens if they lose? Will you return the Jacket? Post on Craigslist that crispy New Era hat? So if your one of those people that’s never owned a piece of Gaints clothing until they started doing things, go home and rub some dirt on that new hat and jacket.  Unless you really did save that receipt… just in case.
Go Giants!!!


  1. All of a sudden, we got Giants fans. Oh well, when they put their stuff away, mine will always be out like it has been since 1980-something (around 86 or 87). Keep ridin that bandwagon, wagonriders, for it is because of you all that the Giants gain extra revenue. Thanks from a true Giants fan, -RSKEE

  2. Thanks for the shut out Giants. That 8th inning took forever!!!

  3. I may not watch EVERY Giants game, but the Giants have been my team since I was old enough to watch and understand the game.I grew up with this team. Win or Lose, the Giants will always be my team. LET'S GO GIANTS!!!


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