Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Not your normal Team LoveHATE interview

PhotobucketLast night I interviewed some members from TLH. Usually these things are pretty cut and dry or just plain boring.  This interview was far from that. I got a chance to ask the Urban Otaku’s some personal questions as well as trying to get a glimpse into the future of TLH. At one point, the camera was turned on me and I went from interviewer to interviewee…

All while playing beer pong.

Now if you’ve seen their cars, you know they work hard and that months of design, application and modification go into these fabulous Itasha rides. On an average, 3 months per car with the only payment being pizza or beer.  It isn’t until the cars hit the road, convention or car show that the effort is truly realized. So when the team gets together to relax…

They play hard.

In the next week I will be posting this interesting interview so I hope everyone enjoys it.

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