Friday, October 29, 2010

Team LoveHATE Show Your Soul Art Contest

Team LoveHATE: Quest for an Artists Soul
Do you have dreams of showing the world your talent as an artist? TLH is looking for artists and will be holding a contest called, Show Your Soul.  
As artists, we use many mediums to express ourselves. We at TLH are asking you to dig deep within yourself and bare your soul… digitally.
Contest Rules:
Your “Soul” must be “bared” by February 14th. (Because we love you)
This is not a fan art contest. We are looking for the brightest and freshest talent and their original art.
It does not have to be just anime.
• American “comic styles” are very welcome.
• Digital designs, art, and CGI graphic designs are welcome.
All entries must be in a digital format. (10” x 14” @ 300dpi)
Submit all entries to:
Please include:
Your full name:
Email address:
Phone Number: (optional)
What con will you be attending:
Winners will be given the opportunity work along side Team LoveHATE in designing Itasha for future cars, clothing and all kinds of goodies. So if you have what it takes or know someone who might, please follow us for further details.
Any questions?        email:

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  1. I am unclear what the deadline is (if we're going to Kintoki-Con)?


Have at it.