Tuesday, August 7, 2012

TeamLoveHATE.com x SlidinSexy RPM PreMeet Show

Written by and photography by Munpreet Randhawa

Our day started off like any other day.  The smell of coffee, eggs and exhausted filled the air.  We had cars lined on the street cleaned, prepped and ready to head out to RPM Cart Racing for the SlidinSexy X TeamLoveHATE.com pre-meet.  On our way to the meet we made a quick stop and Les Schawb tires and then headed out.  As it is never a dull day with Team LoveHATE, Art’s ’98 Mustang GT lost its back tire!  The team looked on as it bounced down the road, past the cars towards the lightrail station.  Cars swerved to avoid the speeding tire and it was finally retrieved.  After the debacle, all the cars arrived at RPM to setup.

One Ten Drift was there; track set and ready to go.  There were cars set up in the back parking lot looking on as TLH rolled in.  A few minutes after our arrival, SlidinSexy showed up with their drift machines!  However, you could hear these cars before you could even see them.  Along with SlidinSexy, TLH’s very own DJ RSkee set up his DJ equipment and filled the silence with his tunes.   

As the day progressed spectators came through and began gazing on the cars.  People stopped and asked questions about the cars, the DJ and the First Annual Filipino Fiesta Charity Carshow being help the following day. 

After a couple of hours, the drift competition began with One Ten Drift.  The cars lined up and SlidinSexy’s very own Brittney Velasquez and Brittney Vaughn were asked to judge the competition.  The cars stopped in front of the judges, strutted their stuff and then proceeded to run their laps. 

The day continued and as it got hotter, people began leaving.  The meet ended around 2pm with prizes given to the “Best RC Drifter”, “Best of Show” at the meet and we gave RPM a trophy to award, “Fastest Lap Award”.  We still had our work cut out for us with the Filipino Fiesta Charity Carshow the following day so the day was far from over. 

Overall the premeet was a success!  It was a small meet but everyone who showed up enjoyed music, cars and the drift competition.  The day was just a prelude to the events that were to take place the following day!  Stayed tuned for more! Here's the link to the complete album!

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