Friday, March 30, 2012

Shadow Hunters Cosplay Contest

Listen up people! Jason Dube is one of our good friends and he has a really cool event going on for all you cosplayers out there. Here is all the information you'll need!!!

ATTENTION COSPLAYERS!! THE NEW "SHADOW HUNTERS" COSPLAY CONTEST for Issue #2 has BEGUN!!! Choose a character, take some pics to enter, and get published! All participates will have a page created to for them with their name and website. (As well as a copy of the comic book of course). A fun cosplay contest where everybody wins something! Here is the site to check out the Characters, Prizes, and Rules! Good luck everyone!
To celebrate the release of “SHADOW HUNTERS #2”, The new horror-action comic by Scattered Comics, we have created this 2nd Cosplay Contest. Your challenge is to cosplay as one of the characters from the series. You can find character sheets for each character here…You may enter the competition either as a individual or a group. There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. All entries will have their pictorial submissions automatically published both on all Scattered Comics websites and SHADOW HUNTERS #2 (Your pictures will be made into a full page gallery with your website of choice displayed) and given a free copy for participating!! That’s right! Everyone will get published and showcased as well as a free copy of the comic for participating! If you plan to wear your cosplay to a convention, let us know and we will send you a pack of autograph cards to sign and give out to your fans! Also...

1st Place Winner: Have their Cosplay photo made into a variant collector's edition comic book cover for SHADOW HUNTERS #2!!! Receive 15 free copies of this comic.
2nd Place Winner: Have their Cosplay printed on the back cover of the collector's edition comic book of SHADOW HUNTERS #2!!! Receive 10 free copies of this comic.
3rd Place Winner: Have their Cosplay printed on the inside back cover of the collector's edition comic book of SHADOW HUNTERS #2!!! Receive 5 free copies of this comic.
CENTERFOLD Winners: 2 Entries will be chosen to be the Centerfold posters. These Winners will receive an additional copy for being chosen.

The contest will be judged by a panel of 5 judges consisting of Jason Dube (Creator/Writer of the series), Benjamin Jordan (Artist on the series), Oscar Benjamin (Photographer/Journalist/Podcastor of Compassionate Wolf Hour), and we are also honored to have both Horror Hostess Miss Misery (Hostess of Creepy Kofy Movie Time/ Hostess of the Last Doorway Show/ Hostess of Movie Massacre) and Actress-Model Deneen Melody (The Playboy Club/ Rose White). It is such a honor to have these guest judges to be a part of this contest. We want to make this a fun promotional event so the main rule is to be as creative as possible and HAVE FUN!!!

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