Wednesday, March 9, 2011

SacCon's Devout Arrive En Masse

The weather was a constant drizzle with the occasional burst of heavy rain Sunday at the Scottish Rite Temple, dark clouds loomed overhead jeering at the hundreds of fanboys, otaku and cosplayers who braved the elements to attend Dan Houck’s legendary SacCon. Many attendees even danced and hung around outside to take photos of TLH’s cars regardless of the pouring rain. The love for cosplay and collectables is a strong one indeed.

Although we didn’t setup our flags for display due to the rain, we were surprised at the attendance of this SacCon. Maybe it’s the yearning to share their latest cosplay, or the fact that the list of guests and vendors were too hard to resist. Walking through the convention, you forgot about the weather going on outside. The staff was kind as usual, and the vendors were plenty and of great variety. We saw plenty of our friends there like super movie poster dude, Anthony Leano, cosplay design goddess. Carly Breslin ,'s. Oscar Benjamin and local comic guy, Jason Dube. We also made a few new ones.

All in all, I think SacCon was a success as well as a pleasant surprise for everyone on such a gloomy day.

We hope to see all of you at Decepti-kon Gen 1 April 16-17 at the Red Lion Inn Sacramento!!!
You seriously don’t want to miss it.
Three words… Epic…Flash…Mob… Like Guiness Book of World Records Epic. Don't miss it.

True Story.

- Posted by Jazel Gonzalez

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