Monday, February 21, 2011

Cosplayers, Otaku, and Fanboys UNITE!!!

As we finally settle into our daily lives, with SacAnime far behind us and the end of Anime on Display this past weekend, many of you are waiting patiently for Fanime in May. If you're really hungry to capture that Cosplay feeling again or didnt quite have enough time to finish that new outfit or hell, the company screwed up your shipping information and you didn't get your wig in time...we got you covered.
Decepti-kon is a brand new anime / pop culture convention located at Sacramento's Red Lion Inn on April 16-17 2011. So if you can't wait and love to Cosplay, hunt for your favorite figurines, get that special autograph from a guest appearance, or just want a reason to meet up with your besties and hang out for a weekend in your best cosplay we have an answer.  We have your answer. With rooms for $60.00 group rate with a reservation which includes a goodie bag (first 50 reserved rooms) as well as access to our private "themed rooms" and a weekend passes going for just $20.00 (not a typo).

This con will have an amazing blend of young and old, Otaku and Fanboy alike can share their love for all things geeky (TLH are some of the biggest).With KAG (Klingon Assault Group) helping out with security and the 501st and Rebal Alliance wondering around mixed with Cosplayers from all different types of anime it should be quite interesting. Decepti-kon and Team LoveHATE invite and welcome you to celebrate the growth of conventions, love, life, friends, and you... with us.

So besides the cheap rates and weekend pass, for all you "graduated" otaku's and fanboys, Team LoveHATE will be displaying their Itasha rides with a special unveiling and sponsoring the first ever beerpong "Tournament of Kings" championship and "LoveHATE Lounge" nightclub for the 18 and 21 and up, respectively. Don't worry if your not quite 18 yet, we have plenty of events for you too. Nightime Outdoor Rave and Karaoke!!! Fun for everyone includes vendor hall, Bandai's Artist Pavilion,Special guest appearences, panels and workshops  and Gameroom for all you...ummm gamers.

Our buddy, Oscar Benjamin, Sacramento's own Cosplay Examiner, will be afoot covering this newest type of convention during the day and doing a special photo shoot setup in the nightclub so make sure you wear your best cosplay. Did I mention it's all to be televised and streamed online to reach 3.2 million homes? So come out and show off!!!

Come be a part of history and join us.


  1. Beer pong, cosplaying, night clubs, and video cameras? Ugh, why do I have to be stuck in a different country.

  2. epic win! great pic guys lol

  3. since you used my pic ill see about getting my group to attend


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