Monday, January 10, 2011

TLH adds two new members at SacAnime and "Through a cosplayers eyes"

Hey peeps, its Jazel again. I've done my share of SacAnime's in the past, this would be my fourth. Over the last couple of years, Team LoveHATE has done car shows, Anime Conventions, and lots of charity work. This weekend, we did a bit of both. As usual, we displayed the Itasha rides everyone has grown to love, but today three things were different. We were helping fulfill the wishes of two very special children with Make a Wish whom also became two official team members. And I was cosplaying for the first time.

Before I go any further, I must say thanks to SacAnime's founder, Dan Houck, for providing both kids five VIP weekend passes each, Jason Dube of Scattered Comics providing some of his own rare autographed comics as well as being our liaison with SacAnime, and Steve Crain with Sacramento's Signs by Tomorrow for providing the autograph boards, posters and vinyl’s for the kids. Without you guys their wishes wouldn't have been possible.

Nick and Jason are our first two new members since the inception of Team LoveHATE. We placed a Shin Chan Itasha on Nick's scooter and gave Jason an official Team LoveHATE shirt. We then headed inside to take them on a tour of the con and introduced them to Jason Dube, founder of Scattered Comics in the dealer’s hall for a special autograph session. Once we were out of there, Dan Houck made it possible for the kids to get autographs without waiting in line. After they got a few autographs they were itching to head to the gaming room so we made our way through the crowds of cosplayers and across the courtyard to the game rooms and left them to explore the con the rest of the day.

Oh yeah, did I mention during this time I was cosplaying as Master Roshi?

I’ve been watching anime for a while and there are a handful of bald anime characters. I thought Master Roshi would be the best choice for me because I can relate. As soon as I placed the mustache and beard on, grabbed my staff and strapped on my shell I couldn’t help but to fall into character. This being by first time, I was amazed at the comradre that is shared among absolute strangers. As I walked though SacAnime shouts of, “Master Roshi!” and “Roshiiiii in da house!” flew at me from all sides. I was asked for tons of photos and hugs from people who approached me. Thanking me for leaving Kame House, asking me about Dragonballs, and “How’s Goku?” I can see how so many people can fall in love with cosplay. What also suprised me is how much I wanted to cosplay again. The feeling of being sort of a celebrity for a day is pretty addicting, especially if your the only Master Roshi at the Con.

So Sunday arrived the weather was a bit warmer as the sun decided to gret us in the morning, so I decided to be shirtless Master Roshi and make the rounds through the con! That was a super blast. More hugs and photos!!! Also, I was pleased to see both of our TLH prospects make it out. Mike Collepardi and Carlo de Quiroz helped with watching the LoveHATE booth as well as setting up and breaking down Saturday and Sunday. Thank you.

Well that's it till September for SacAnime. To check out the pictures we have posted so far click here! Bye-bye for now.

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