Friday, January 7, 2011

The amazing adventure that is SacAnime.

YAY!!! Today is the day that SacAnime rears its awesome head and flexes its guns for all to bow to. The first con of 2011, lead by Dan Houck and his amazing cohorts of all things anime. As soon as you arrive at the Radisson Sacramento you will be subjected to the sights of smiling and eager Cosplayers and the vehicles come to be known as the “Western Revolution of Itasha” Team LoveHATE. Stop by and get a free decal when you sign up for their fan page. Once you enter you will weave your way through the labyrinth of cosplay fans, photographers, media and the rarely seen Radisson staff. Make sure your weapons are peace-knotted for your safety. Inside you will find "artists alley" lead by Jason Dube and his SCCG posse. Plenty of booty to be had in the dealers hall with wares and spices from the far east, beware the leering eyes of hungry figurine collectors. Autographs will be signed throughout the weekend by noblemen and women of anime voice acting birth so be sure to catch them if you can. Famed warriors of the “Mighty Morphing Rangers of Power” will also be present. You must not forget to forage the elements this weekend and make it outside to witness the alluring and exotic sounds of music from j-rock and pop minstrels. Well hope to see you there.

- Posted by Jazel Gonzalez

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