Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Team LoveHATE loves Laura Bailey (she signed Rob's car)

SacCon is an amazing meeting of comic book stores, comic artists, card tournaments, and voice actors. We had the privilege of being allowed to appear to help support the Marines Toys for Tots. After we parked the cars out in front of the Scottish Rite Temple we headed on it to drop off our Toys for Tots donation and grab our wristbands. First to greet us was Dan Houck, one of the head honchos of SacCon and a few of the staff.

After receiving our wristbands we headed into the main area. Tons of goodies and tournament was underway on stage and a sign posted saying that Laura Bailey would be on at 12:30 had us totally stoked. We visited the SCCG room and there I met with Jason Dube, one of the founders. After chatting it up with Jason and finding what I was looking for (Manga MTG Planeswalkers) I headed outside to wait for Laura Bailey. Rob said he would handle asking her to come out to sign the Burst Angel car. She did some voice acting for the show so we were really excited about having her autograph Rob's ride.

As she came out, we were greeted with nothing but smiles from her and she was incredibly kind and super photogenic. She signed the Burst Angel car as well as my iPad Case. Thank you Laura Bailey, Team LoveHATE loves you!!!
To check out pics from the SACCON... click here

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