Monday, December 13, 2010

Shriners, EuroSunday and Team amazing "Rally for the Kids"

Early Sunday morning we rolled out to Shriners Hospitals for Children. We were the first club to arrive so we spent the first thirty minutes watching them finish setting up as we wiped down and decorated the cars. They even used Rob's car to test the photography equipment before EuroSunday's "Rally for Kids" benefit could begin. With people scurrying to and fro, and the DJ testing out the audio system, you could feel the energy and excitement of the event despite the cold air. Several European cars were already poised beneath the arches within the circular driveway which was to become the "winners circle" for the event. It was during that time we were also able to finally meet Mike Ritenour, director of events for EuroSunday and his super friendly staff.

Finally it was time.We rolled up the cars and took our photos in a "winners circle" style display complete with a checkered finish line. Once we got out of the car, we posed for the camera with the toys we donated. Afterward, we rolled our cars into place within the winners circle and began final prep for the day ahead of us.

As the day went on, my senses were constantly assailed. From the wide variety of Christmas music that filled the air to the languid scent of exhaust fumes. The combination made me think of what Christmas on a racetrack might be like.

EuroSunday also offered free donuts and coffee which were located inside along with a raffle of many great gifts. Shriners offered guided tours throughout the day for anyone interested in learning more about what Shriners Hospitals for Children does for the kids in the community.  Shriners has motion capture equipment to help determine the precise prosthetics for the patients to apartments for families to help with their living conditions for more severe cases, everything in the building is donated. We also met with Alan Anderson, Director of Development for Shriners.  He was very kind and extremely busy with everything going on so the meeting was understandably brief but well met.

Many car clubs from many places appeared throughout the day. The Mustang, Ferrari, Volkswagen, Corvette, Ford, and BMW to name just a few, were among the many groups that rolled though the winners circle on Sunday to help support this event. Remember, they all brought toys so by the time we left, there were literally hundreds of toys. You couldn't help by smile.

The spirit of giving was the most I've ever seen at any one charity event, and I have been dealing with charities now for of eight years. We here at Team LoveHATE applaud EuroSunday, Shriners Hospitals for Children, and every single person who made the trip out there on Sunday. You are all amazing people and we consider ourselves honored to be a part of "Rally for the Kids". Thank you for having us and we can't wait till then next cause!!!

To check out 166 photos from the event.. click here.

Written by Jazel Gonzalez

-Team LoveHATE

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