Sunday, October 30, 2016

Shriner's Children's Hospital "Rally for the Kids"

Written by:Jazel Gonzales
Edited by: Joshua Howard

Today is about an amazing event called, “Shriners Children's Hospital Rally for the Kids.” hosted in Sacramento Euro Sunday. We rolled out to Shriners in the pouring rain early December to bring toys and smiles to the burn victims whom are hospitalized or are being treated at the Children’s Hospital.

We brought as many cars as we could. Once we were parked up top we gathered up all of our goodies and headed inside.

Usually every year we will out there and bring some toys and donate them off to the kids I think we had about 15 team members appear and present toys. We took a bunch pictures. I met up with everybody and had a really good time.

Shriners rally for the kids is the event that we will continue to do every year to provide toys for the kids in the hospitals. After a few hours before the hundreds of car started to show up. December is a very busy month for us and for charity. We hope to set an example for a lot of the other local car clubs. If we all unite during this time of year we can really make an impact.

you'd like to see pictures from this event please click here and here. If you’re not our friend please add us by clicking the upper left-hand corner of the website so you can follow what we get into all year long.

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