Tuesday, July 7, 2015

We want to thank you for the Filipino Fiesta Sacramento Charity Car or A Change in Scenery

Once again we want to thank you, from attendee to major sponsor, for making the ffscarshow.org a success.

As we here at teamlovehate.com take in six months of collaboration, networking, meetings, and watch it unfold in 10 hours is quite a thing. Vendors ran out of food for the first time since they can remember. New and old guests returned for our annual reunion. We also had our share of hiccups that have been addressed. We are thankful that the Filipino Fiesta Sacramento has allowed us to continue this new tradition of youth outreach.

As things simmered down toward the afternoon I heard some bumping coming from the main stage and as I arrived there I saw a group of kids performing to hip hop. It was then that I realized our original dream of youth outreach has finally came to fruition. The main stage for years has usually be filled with traditional dances and now they have integrated more youthful, more current performances. What really made it settle in for me was the audience.

The chairs wree shared with family. Grandparents were with their kids and their kids we sitting with them. Three generations sharing something special. Our culture, our loves, and our passions.

Here's the pics from the after show meeting.

Thank you all again from TeamLoveHATE.com.

Forever grateful,
Jazel Gonzalez

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