Saturday, April 5, 2014

Movie review - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

So in reference to my previous article, I decided to take my own advice and see this film.  I went in with no expectations.  I avoided reading anything on it, well besides the ratings on the film.  After careful consideration, I decided to fork up the cash and check to see if this movie was really worth the 88% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  Before I get into my actual rating for this film, lets get into the review a little.

The movie begins with who else but Steven Rodgers, played by Chris Evans, exercising.  Ladies, please keep your panties on because sadly, it was just running.  No shirtless Captain here.  Here we see him running past another gentleman Sam Wilson, played by Anthony Mackie.  As dialogue progresses between these two, foreshadowing shows that he will play an instrumental role later in the film.  As the film progresses there is an internal struggle between the Captain and himself.  He doesn't know where he fits in this new world he is apart of.  He always seems to be one step behind the pop culture references and the "wit" we might be used to with other Marvel films.  He feels as if he was robbed of the life he was supposed to have but almost he was meant for something more for this new world he knows nothing of.  This film does a great job highlighting this.  There is an internal battle throughout the whole movie which doesn't let up till the Captain can figure out how to deal with it.  While this seems to be a constant of the movie itself there is obviously the bigger picture.

The movie continues a pattern with distrust in S.H.E.I.L.D.  We see this distrust built between the Iron Man movies, and the Avengers film in 2012.  I guess we can say all of these superheros have trust issues, get it?  Trust....issues?  Ok well, besides this we do see parts of Steven Rodgers past drum up and almost a decomposition of the old and a reveal of what lies ahead for our beloved Captain.  But what is also awesome the movie introduces more characters from the Captain America comics.  We are introduced to an agent called "13."  In the film she might pose as a potential "love interest" for Steven Rodgers which gets kudos in my book.  There are a few others who are introduced but for sake of not telling too much, lets say the next movie proves to be interesting.

This movie provided a good balance between drama, action, reveals, secrets, and did I mention action?  What I personally liked about this movie was a less "High and Mighty" Captain America and a more capable and cope-able one.

My overall rating would be an 8.5/10.

I hope this review helps you make a decision on whether to see this movie or not.  Until next time all!

Writer:  Munpreet Randhawa         

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