Sunday, March 3, 2013

SEMA 2012 x Team LoveHATE

Written by Joshua Howard / Photography by Tracy Arnett

Hello everybody and thank you for your patience. Sorry this is coming so late. After doing all the work to my car right before SEMA my hand grew carpel tunnel and I have been unable to type the last couple months, so now I'm using voice dictation.

While on our way to SEMA this year we originally were supposed to have three cars. One of the members had to  turn around due to a family emergency halfway to Las Vegas. When we finally arrived in Nevada and after a very grueling night drive, we were welcomed by the cold high desert weather. Once we arrived in Las Vegas we got the cars rolled in and I staged on Friday and Steve on Saturday.

After the cars were staged we started to place all the decals for our amazing sponsors that provided  products throughout the year on our cars. I wanted to give a special thanks to SRS Tuning. SRS tuning is one of her sponsors here in Sacramento that provided an created an exhaust system for the G35 and allowed us to SEMA through their company.

Yes, at SEMA we saw thousands and thousands of people and hundreds of USA's finest.

It was pretty hot throughout the week the food was really good and overpriced. As usually, SEMA was amazing. I'll probably be going back to SEMA again this year. Hopefully to see our newer builds. If you haven't already,  take a look at our albums on Facebook here.

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