Friday, September 14, 2012

Team LoveHATE unleashes NEW itasha at Fresno's Ani-Jam

Fresno's Ani-Jam is the place to be if you love cosplay, anime and anything fun under the sun. When we arrived Friday night Money and I were greeted with plenty of friendly faces as we walked in the con.
 As we walked around the Fresno Convention Center's Valdez Hall we heard the sound of music bumpin and followed it till we ran into Greg Ayres spinning Day Zero's Rave.
 After making the rounds and meeting up with Anthony, Belle, and Chris in con ops we headed across the street to check into our room for the night.

Around 2am Randel aka DJ RSkee arrived from Vegas. The official team DJ would be spinning all weekend long. What a nice guy.

We woke up the next morning and set up the Panty and Stocking Itasha for the last time. I felt kind of weird knowing this was the last run this vehicle would be making the way she was., one of our friends and sponsors of the team would be picking her up Sunday to take back to LA for some major body work.

Around 11 or so, Steph, Art, Josh and Captain Charlo rolled in and staged their cars.

it was nice to see all the hard work we put into the three new Shadow Hunters cars getting some major props from the local fanbase.

The daytime festivities came to an end and we all hit the pool and spa grabbed some dinner and got ready to party with Greg Ayers and Brittney Karnowski and most of the the FRACKING ANI-JAM STAFF!!!.

It's safe to say the next morning was alittle rough and we toughed it out keeping ourselves hydrated in the green room that was provided to the guests!!! The new location was a super great move, it's roomier, plenty of room to breathe and didn't smell like "con" smell.

We enjoy Ani-Jam quite a bit and we will admit we are smitten with all the staff and fans in Fresno.

Anthony booked us for next year and hopefully we can display indoors and have a day rave all day long!!!
Here is the link to the album on Facebook!!!

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