Monday, July 18, 2011

1up Car Show... A Beginning of Something Big

Hello everybody. So last weekend we had our first annual 1up Car Show . We had some cars show up as well as few vendors and lots of people and lots of our friends. 
Although we didn't have all the cars that we wanted there, we still had an amazing day. We held a cosplay contest, we announced the winner for our Oto's Marketplace Mascot Contest (Charlie Puengpan), we had a wet T-shirt and booty bouncing contest and we awarded several trophies to the winners the vehicles that made it out.

All in all it was a great event and we want to personally thank 1TenDrift for coming out with their RC drift cars, the Sacramento Ghostbusters and Echo 1, the lovely Carlyfornia for judging the contest, Anthony Leano for bringing the DVDs and movie posters, Jack Chen who was the artist that was there, Monique from Seven Points Massage, all of the crew from Nitos T-shirts and Hats who drove all the way down from Grassvalley, Jesse from Mr.Mister, Edmund Fong for coming out with models as well as Peter with Phat Effects for bringing the rest of the girls and all the everybody who came out and participated.
I will be writing several in-depth articles in the next week about the cosplay winner, Emily, and Oto's Marketplace Mascot winner, Charlie, as well as a few other things so keep tuned in and click on this link and check out the photos from this weekend.
Oh. Did i mention THESE GUYS? Check out DJ RSkee and DJ DubDeuce. They'll be spinning this weekend at AnimeiCon... But that's an article for tomorrow.

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