Monday, January 3, 2011

Team LoveHATE returns to SacAnime

After a season has passed, Team LoveHATE is proud to announce their return to SacAnime. Armed with a couple more trophies, their Itasha-style cars are continually proving that they are truly “The Western Revolution of Itasha”. After making ripples in the import/tuner scene and rocking various charities, TLH is happy to return to their Itasha roots and fans. Their cars will be appearing at SacAnime Saturday and Sunday. Please stop by and say hi to these Urban Otaku at the show, and be sure to check out their site for photos, videos and stories. For all you aspiring artists out there, check out their “Show Your Soul” art contest. If you win, your art could be featured as their next Itasha project car!

- Posted by Jazel Gonzalez

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