Sunday, December 5, 2010

Team LoveHATE takes home two trophies from Nor Cal Scion Toy Drive Car Show

December 4th Vallejo, CA. The weather was cold and wet in the Toy r Us parking lot on Saturday, but it didn't keep the spirits down for all who attended. Lots of people showed up the the Toys for Tots Car Show hosted by Nor Cal Scion and sponsored by Toys r Us. We would like to thank James AgpalasinDray Martinez and the Nor Cal Scion team for helping us and orchestrating the events throughout the day they were all kind and courteous. 

Although the rain was on and off all day, people continued to come and donate toys for the Marines' Toys for Tots. I saw three boxes filled with toys and was very impressed with the crowd turnout and the spirit of giving that was on display despite the gloomy weather. Many people take what they have for granted nowadays so seeing this many people giving is quite heartfelt. As the day when on, several raffles were held and prizes we handed out, including a autographed signed San Francisco 49ers Ronnie Lot football.

Although the event was ended a couple of hours early due to certain upset cigarette store owner who said that his customers had nowhere to park and complained to the property manager, (I personally thought he was rude and he didn't care about the fund raising aspect of the car show) we met many new people and a few old friends one that do the car show circuit. Team LoveHATE made a few new fans and even learned how to "Dougy" from a couple for kids who hung out with us pretty much all day. The finale of the day was the award ceremony. Nor Cal Scion crafted some very amazing trophies that were awarded to Best team (a broken rim), Hottest Ride (a fire extinguisher), the Marines choice, Geoffrey's Choice and three crowd favorites (all pistons). Team LoveHATE was very thankful to be recognized by the fans and took home 3rd Place Peoples Choice Award and the Geoffrey's Choice. We would would like to also thank all who entered, attended and supported this amazing event. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


  1. Hey whats going on Team Love Hate thanks for doing coverage on the event. I was there with my crew the A.D.D.icts / Def Sik / J_Status Crew i didnt get to meet you all (was tired from those last minute crap before shows you know what i mean?) hope to run into you guys again.

    thanks again,

    Justin (the one with the red and black 350Z)

  2. Hey Justin. I remember your ride. Well be posting pics of the event soon. Tell your crews to check out our site and like it on Facebook. I think we got lots of emails at the show. You guys did a good thing. We are resting for the week but will be out again on the 12th and 18th here in Sac for more toys for tots. The one on the 18th will be streamed live on the net. Lemme know if your crews are down to roll thru, drop a toy off and get a shout out in or something.


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