Sunday, November 14, 2010

Team LoveHATE takes home Finest Vinyl Graphic Award

It was a long day the Remix World of Dance event at the Solano County Fairgrounds in Vallejo, CA yesterday. TLH logged in about thirteen hours of beautiful weather with the temperature dialed in at about 70 degrees all day.

After about two hours of waiting for our designated spots we finally were able to unload and begin setting up our display. After about thirty minutes we were actually able to stop and enjoy the scene for the first time.

As the day went on, the deep sounds of monster-sized sound systems rumbled just below the constant buzzing as hundreds of people enjoying themselves filled the air. A couple of hundred cars,
teams, and vendors made up the bulk of the festivities outside.  Inside the auditorium was food as well as the main stage for the dance competitions which were being held all day. We were fortunate enough to meet tons of new people and a few old friends, from car clubs to dance troops and from models to mommies with their kids just out for a nice afternoon.
When the sun went down it was like another show. Cars  illuminated the fairground with their under glow and LED lights and the vendors and car clubs with DJ's turned on their setups to get the night time vibe going. We constantly were explaining to people and photographers how the reflective elements of our vinyl worked so they could get the best shots possible and this was also when the judges made it to our cars. After spending about five minutes basically pitching your car, the judge moves on to the next one.

Well, after many homemade sandwiches and Captain & Diet Rockstar the show finally came to an end and we packed up and headed to the main stage for the award ceremony. It was 11pm when the first awards were handed out. As we waited for the category we were gunning for we saw many people we met during the day winning awards. When our category came up and they announced us we screamed like little girls and I got in line to accept the trophy.
I am personally very happy about this particular trophy because since Team LoveHATE entered the car scene and started showing our rides Itasha was hated more than loved, rather misunderstood. People whom were embedded in the whole car show circuit as well as auto purists raised an eyebrow at what we were doing because it was so unheard of. Forums blasted us and car enthusiasts snickered as they walked by us at a show. We knew going into this that they were either going to love us or hate us and it was an overall crazy idea, but to finally get the nod from the the general car scene and acknowledged by our peers is pretty damn sweet. Now that everyone knows what we bring in the form of Itasha and Graphic Vinyls  you better believe we wont be sitting our laurels. Expect to see TLH and SBT to continue to push the envelope in the future. Be sure to check out our facebook fan page to see the photos from the show!!!

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