Wednesday, November 3, 2010

MTG Mirrodin Besieged Spoilers

By Jazel Gonzalez
November 3, 2010

Some of us here at Team LoveHATE love Magic the Gathering. Well, for everyone else that does too, Mirrodin Besieged is the name of the second expansion set of the Scars of Mirrodin block and is set to be released on February 4th, 2011. I wasn’t too impressed with the first block with only a handful of cards appearing that I really wanted. That doesn’t stop me...
from keeping an eye out for special cards in the set.
The prereleases for this set will be in late January and will be quite different from other releases. Special Mirrodin booster packs will be from either the Mirran or the Phyrexian faction will be given to players during the prerelease as well as three Besieged regular booster packs. I’ve got to try this out.
My son and I played in a draft at my favorite local store, Great Escape Games, here in Sacramento. They have a huge warehouse in the back filled with tables where they hold all their tournaments. The staff is extremely kind and its very family oriented. They helped us out with filling out our DCI cards and filed us in on the rules of the draft.

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  1. Booyaah. Love this game!!!

  2. i actually have magic card at home use to play and some are the plans walkers. LOVE Luna

  3. Jazel is so down for Magic, he got the tatoo.
    Thats dedication. When ever you want to masticate my $10 deck, Im game.

    Impartial Aaron
    Drunk Animation


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