Friday, November 5, 2010

Kintoki-con and Team LoveHATE Meet n Greet

Sooooo last night Team LoveHATE and Kintoki-con’s staff met up for our first “meet and greet” potluck party.  TLH had a blast and i’m pretty sure Kintoki did as well. As the night let on people continued to trickle in with food ranging from cupcakes to some bomb-ass pesto until the countertops and table were full of yummy nomnom’s. I met techies, maids, artists as well as the admins. All were kind and polite. I did learn that “E” is a beast at beerpong, so much so that his “tactics” thwarted even the most stoic of TLH beerpong team. (That’s all I’m gonna say) Jonas “cheats” at cooking mama. (How does that work?) And Nicole’s laptop is fused to her body.  Overall, I am very pleased with the turnout and I thank everyone who made it.  It’s my hope that TLH and Kintoki can enjoy each others company again and help each other grow in the future.
~Jazel Gonzalez

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  1. Best "meeting" I have ever gone too! Lol.


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